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Zero to Hero.

Scope: Upbit Indonesia launched in Indonesia in H2 of 2019. Although the Upbit platform is already robust and tested in the Korean market, in Indonesia Upbit had to start with a zero user base in Indonesia.

The Upbit team knew that getting traction in new markets is harder than people think. You can easily waste a lot of time, energy, money and resources trying to get traction and learning what works. So, having an experienced specialized team on your side can be a crucial factor.

Outcomes: Leveraging ICN network and experienced team combined with a strong promotion, Upbit successfully acquired over 7,000 KYC’d users in a campaign which lasted just 8 weeks.

So what are the two factors that help ICN get these results?

  1. ICN owned media network; includes the leading crypto media, Facebook groups of over 450k Indonesian traders, ICN influencer network and the fact that we run the most number of blockchain and crypto events and roadshows in Indonesia - ICN reach in uncomparable and we command a large targeted audience.
  2. Specialized and experienced team; ICN are the only growth agency in Indonesia 100% focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. So we actually understand the industry, know all the players, regulators and most importantly understand the psychology of the users.
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