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12 Trusted Crypto Influencers in Indonesia Shaping the Industry

Friday, 02 February 2024

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The Indonesian crypto community is a mosaic of diverse voices, each contributing unique perspectives and insights. From market updates to macroeconomic perspectives, these influencers play a critical role in nurturing an informed and engaged crypto community. This article explores 12 Trusted Crypto Influencers in Indonesia that shaping the Indonesia’s crypto community.

Andreas Tobing

Andreas Tobing’s presence on social media, especially TikTok, has made him a go-to source for crypto enthusiasts seeking up-to-date information in an easily digestible format. His ability to break down complex market trends into simple, actionable advice has garnered a loyal following. Andreas’s content not only educates but also helps his audience stay ahead in the rapidly changing world of cryptocurrency.

Andy Senjaya

Andy Senjaya’s expertise as a pro trader shines through in his detailed market analyses and trading advice. His followers appreciate his deep dives into market mechanics and his ability to explain trading strategies in a way that is both informative and accessible. Andy’s guidance is particularly valuable in a market known for its volatility and complexity.

Angga Andinata

Angga Andinata offers a unique blend of crypto market analysis with a macroeconomic lens, providing his audience with a comprehensive understanding of how larger economic trends influence the crypto world. His insights are crucial for investors looking to align their crypto investments with broader economic movements.

Brenda Andrina

Brenda Andrina’s focus on financial literacy extends into the realms of crypto and web3, where she provides clear, actionable insights. Her content is especially valuable for those looking to understand the deeper, more technical aspects of blockchain technology and how they can be applied in the real world.

Coindesk Indonesia

Coindesk Indonesia’s role extends beyond reporting; they are educators and thought leaders in the Indonesian crypto space. Their articles and analysis pieces not only inform but also provoke thought, encouraging their readers to think critically about the future of digital currencies and blockchain technology.


Coinvestasi is a cross-platform crypto and web3 media. Providing not only daily articles on crypto market updates but also breaking it down into bite-sized social media contents. Coinvestasi’s influence in Indonesia is marked by their ability to simplify complex crypto and web3 topics, making them accessible to a broader audience. Their cross-platform presence and online discussions are instrumental in building a well-informed crypto community in Indonesia.

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Kenal Kripto

Focusing on Bitcoin, Altcoin, Blockchain, and the broader aspects of Crypto Currency and Fintech, Kenal Kripto delivers comprehensive content that spans the spectrum of the crypto world. His ability to articulate complex concepts in finance and digital currencies has made his channel a go-to resource for both beginners and seasoned investors.


Hoteliercrypto, despite their anonymity, has become a trusted voice in Indonesia’s crypto community. Their analysis and insights on Twitter offer a depth of understanding that is both rare and highly sought after, especially by those looking for an edge in their crypto investments.

Ngomongin Uang

Ngomongin Uang is more than just a platform for financial updates; it’s a comprehensive resource that empowers its audience to make more informed decisions about their finances, including investments in cryptocurrency. Their approachable content makes even the most complex economic concepts understandable to the average person.

Michael Wyann

Michael Wyann’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of information, where he regularly shares updates and analyses of the crypto market. His detailed and methodical approach to market analysis makes his content a must-watch for serious crypto investors and enthusiasts alike.

Republik Rupiah

Republik Rupiah’s analysis on YouTube provides viewers with an in-depth look at the latest trends in the crypto market. His approach to content creation combines thorough research with an engaging presentation style, making it both informative and enjoyable to watch

Tommy Yu

Tommy Yu’s role as a Wealth Educator and Crypto Enthusiast is complemented by his engaging digital content, which demystifies crypto investing. His approachable style and practical advice make him a popular figure among those looking to navigate the complexities of digital asset investing and wealth management.

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The Impact of Top Crypto Influencers on Indonesia’s Market

ICN understands that Indonesia’s crypto market, vibrant and ever-evolving, is significantly influenced by key individuals such as KOLs and influencers. Their role is pivotal in demystifying the complex world of digital currencies and blockchain technology. ICN works closely with these influencers and KOLs, leveraging their expertise and insights to shape market trends and build a strong community of crypto enthusiasts and investors.

For example, ICN worked with global exchange Bybit and managed to acquire 4000 users within four months of the campaign period. We also collaborated with one of the largest global crypto exchanges at the time and gained 8,000 new users in six months, along with a 500% increase in monthly active users. We achieved these by leveraging our network of influencers and local traders, in addition to other marketing efforts in our campaign strategy.

If you’re looking to integrate and leverage influencers into your marketing strategy, let’s discuss how we can help you grow.

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