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work with specialists

Since 2016 ICN has solely focused on the crypto & blockchain industry. We do nothing else.

leverage our experience

Over the last 6 years, our teams have built an unrivaled understanding & network in the industry. Giving you a head start.

You access capability

Our crypto/blockchain native content studio is equipped to support localisation and growth efforts. Giving your campaign a single in sync solution.

How we drive growth

ICN owns & works with key channels to get you growth

Indonesia Crypto Network (Coinvestasi - Chart Insight)
Indonesia Crypto Network (Coindesk - DriveGrowth)
Indonesia Crypto Network (CoinfestAsia - DriveGrowth)
Indonesia Crypto Network (Subscribers Socials - Chart Insight)


Subscribers across our socials & partners

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Organic Members within our communities

Indonesia Crypto Network (Average Socials - Chart Insight)


Average reach per month on socials


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  • Indonesia Crypto Network (Raymond Jansen - Brand Testimonials)
    “Before launching our crypto exchange app, we partnered with ICN for a successful beta test campaign. ICN's professionalism, industry expertise, and robust community engagement on social platforms greatly contributed to the campaign's effectiveness. We look forward to future collaborations with ICN and highly recommend them with a 5-star rating!”
    Indonesia Crypto Network (Raymond Jansen - Testimonials)

    Raymond Jansen

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Indonesia Crypto Network (Ellenda Dilla P - Brand Testimonials)
    “It has been a great experience working with the ICN team. We really appreciate their attention to details and excellent approach to our business.”
    Indonesia Crypto Network (Ellenda Dilla P - Testimonials)

    Ellenda Dilla P

    Business Development Manager
  • Indonesia Crypto Network (Zach Koo - Brand Testimonials)
    “ICN actually helps us to set up most of the background work. Although we have an Indonesian team, I think it's best to pass it to someone who is professional. They are able to set the groundwork and ensure everything, every detail is aligned properly. I would say we have saved 80% of the time. We’ll definitely work with ICN again.”
    Indonesia Crypto Network (Zach Koo - Testimonials)

    Zach Koo

    Marketing Advisor
  • Indonesia Crypto Network (Claire Nie - Brand Testimonials)
    “Our market branding and user base have seen visible increase with ICN's full support across its networks, marketing channels and strong local community presence. Working with ICN has been a success and pleasant journey, thanks to their account management skills and creativity.”
    Indonesia Crypto Network (Claire Nie - Testimonials)

    Claire Nie

    SEA Region Lead, Bybit
  • Indonesia Crypto Network (Richard Go - Brand Testimonials)
    “Coinfest Asia has provided us with a really great platform to engage with the crypto community and also professionals and also building a really good connection domestically. And building up a channel for us to connect with each other. Through this event I believe that we have been learning a lot with new ideas and connections across the Asian region.”
    Indonesia Crypto Network (Richard Go - Testimonials)

    Richard Go

    Head of Global Business Development
  • Indonesia Crypto Network (Amy Zhang - Brand Testimonials)
    “I think Coinfest Asia really brings together a lot of the leading players in Southeast Asia to be here, both in terms of at the conference itself as well as sponsoring the events. We are really excited and we met a lot of prospects as well as met with a lot of customers here. We look forward to coming back next year.”
    Indonesia Crypto Network (Amy Zhang - Testimonials)

    Amy Zhang

    VP Sales


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