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Coinvestasi Co-Hosts ZkSync’s First Community Meetup in Indonesia

Sunday, 05 May 2024

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Blockchain technology continues to revolutionize industries worldwide, and Indonesia is no exception. On April 27, 2024, Coinvestasi had the privilege of co-hosting ZkSync’s first ever community meetup in Indonesia at Ganara Art Space, Plaza Indonesia. The event was a resounding success, with over two hundred passionate blockchain enthusiasts in attendance.

The meetup provided a unique platform for community members to network, share insights, and deepen their understanding of ZkSync, a pioneering solution addressing scalability challenges on the Ethereum network. Sisyfos, ZkSync’s Community Manager, delivered a captivating presentation on how ZkSync utilizes Zero Knowledge Proof to enhance security while achieving scalability—a true game-changer in the blockchain space.

The event also showcased ZkSync’s standout features, including its scalability, non-custodial nature, security, and compatibility. Sisyfos also introduced ZkStack, a modular framework designed to simplify the adoption of ZK-powered blockchain technology for developers—a testament to ZkSync’s commitment to innovation and accessibility.

One of the highlights of the meetup was the engaging discussions that took place among attendees. For nearly three hours, community members actively exchanged ideas, demonstrating their enthusiasm and dedication to advancing blockchain technology in Indonesia. Sisyphos praised the Indonesian ZkSync community for their passion and announced ZkSync’s commitment to further strengthening its presence in Southeast Asia, recognizing Indonesia as home to the world’s third-largest ZkSync community.

“This event is truly remarkable. I am delighted to see the high level of participation from various regions, especially considering that the ZkSync community in Indonesia is the third largest in the world. We are committed to continuing to develop and strengthen the ZkSync community in Southeast Asia,”

Sisyfos, ZkSync Community Manager

The meetup not only served as a forum for knowledge sharing but also as a catalyst for building a stronger blockchain ecosystem in Indonesia. By fostering meaningful connections and facilitating ongoing dialogue, Coinvestasi and ZkSync are leading the charge in driving widespread adoption of blockchain technology in Indonesia, paving the way for a more inclusive and innovative future.

Yoann Sabilla


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